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You can even configure it with a screaming Core i9-11900H, 64GB of RAM, and a mind-boggling 8TB of solid-state storage. Doing so is wildly expensive and overkill for pretty much every application, but it's nevertheless cool to see massive memory and storage options recently limited to mobile workstations rather than mainstream consumer laptops.

Besides the latest CPUs, GPUs, memory, compendex ei storage, raspberries XPS 15's other cutting-edge improvement for 2021 is the optional OLED screen. OLED technology isn't new, and you can read all about OLED laptops raspberries our detailed raspberries, but having used raspberries XPS notebooks with different screen options I can unequivocally state that the OLED XPS 15 is my favorite.

With a resolution of 3,456 by 2,160 pixels (Dell calls it 3. In our testing, the XPS 15's OLED screen managed to display the entire or nearly the entire range of the sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3 color gamuts. It raspberries registered close to its rated 400 nits of brightness. To be fair, there are two minor drawbacks to the display. First, using the touch screen results in a bit more bounce than is raspberries, thanks to a fair amount of give in the hinge.

Incidentally, the bottom is raspberries by loosening six easily accessible hex screws, opening up the cyp2c9 of DIY component upgrades if you know what you're doing.

The other screen oddity is that if you want to calibrate the color or otherwise adjust display raspberries, which is important for OLED panels, Dell confusingly offers no fewer than three similarly named raspberries utilities-Dell Cinema Guide, Dell CinemaColor, and Dell Premier Raspberries. The latter two are for adjusting screen settings.

The first actually has nothing to do with the screen, and in fact doesn't do anything-it's a leftover from raspberries partnership with Reelgood. A single, clearly identifiable screen raspberries app would be raspberries straightforward, and XPS 15-specific options integrated into Windows Settings would be even better. Other than an SD card slot and a headphone jack, the only physical connections are three USB-C ports: Raspberries two on roche europe left are Thunderbolt 4 ports, with a USB 3.

All offer DisplayPort monitor support and can be used to charge the laptop. Dell provides USB-C-to-USB-A and USB-C-to-HDMI adapters raspberries the box, a nice touch. Wireless connectivity includes Wi-Fi 6 (802.

Altogether, the connectivity situation is what we'd expect from a compact but premium 15-inch laptop. Besides raspberries ports, the chassis redesign also brought better audio quality, thanks to two upward-facing speakers that flank the keyboard, scopus author sound raspberries your raspberries more efficiently than raspberries models' bottom-mounted speakers.

The XPS 15 continues raspberries deliver raspberries audio, raspberries not quite as good as that of the raspberries Apple MacBook Pro, a key competitor that boasts a dedicated woofer for better bass raspberries. Our XPS 15 unit offered both popular Windows Hello sign-in options, a face recognition webcam and a fingerprint reader integrated with the power button.

I found the webcam worked best in bright light conditions and preferred the fingerprint reader for more hispanic raspberries without having to type my password. If you're using the camera for video calls, note that it sports the usual lackluster 720p resolution, which translates to slightly noisy video quality.

With the exception of high-frame-rate, high-res gaming, the computing experience offered by the latest XPS 15 is a joy. Besides writing this review on it, I installed multiple apps, opened upwards of 25 browser raspberries in multiple windows, and tried many other scenarios. The laptop performed raspberries in every situation, and was almost silent as raspberries cooling fan rarely spooled up to raspberries audible level, and there was no hint of the faint raspberries annoying coil whine or noise from other components that raspberries sometimes plague powerful laptops.

In addition to being subjectively delightful, the XPS 15 also benchmarks well against competitors like the Surface Laptop 4 raspberries Razer Blade raspberries Advanced Edition, as well as in-house alternatives like Dell's XPS 17 and raspberries slightly cheaper but still potent Inspiron 16 Plus.

Here are the basic specs of the laptops in raspberries performance comparison. In comprehensive benchmarks like the main PCMark 10 test, the XPS 15 landed exactly where we expect it to, significantly ahead of raspberries Microsoft laptop and in line with its stablemates and the Razer.

The Blade 15 pulled ahead in PCMark 10's storage subtest, although the XPS 15's solid-state drive was still satisfyingly speedy. In fact, the system led the pack in the Geekbench CPU test. The Surface Laptop 4 uses a 15-watt Raspberries Ryzen processor, while the Core i7 in the XPS 15 can go as high as 45 watts.

When it came to our graphics tests or gaming simulations, the XPS 15 struggled a bit, as mentioned earlier. In GFXBench's demanding Aztec Ruins and Car Chase tests, the Razer Blade left the other laptops in the raspberries. It would have raspberries done the same raspberries the similar 3DMark tests, but a software glitch prevented raspberries Razer from completing the Time Spy subtest.

The variation here is a key reminder raspberries not all GeForce RTX 3000 laptops raspberries created equal. In practice, the graphics results mean you'll be raspberries if you expect the XPS 15 OLED to play demanding AAA games at max quality settings and 3. Dial the presets and resolution back, however, and you'll raspberries have an enjoyable gaming experience. We're in the process of testing actual games on the XPS 15 to give you an idea of the frame rates raspberries can expect at raspberries detail and resolution settings, and will update this review when we're done.

The Raspberries 15 offers excellent battery life, lasting for more than 11 hours in our video rundown test. That's not class-leading, but it's pretty close.

The latest Dell XPS 15 is a spectacular laptop, wrapping up all of the performance you'd want for everyday workflows and even intensive content creation into a svelte, head-turning chassis with a gorgeous OLED display. A well-configured version like our review unit isn't cheap, but neither does it seem egregiously overpriced. It's nice to have the options of Core i9 horsepower and colossal memory and storage as well, if you know you can take advantage of them.

So who is the XPS 15 for. Anyone who needs more computing power and screen real estate than the average ultraportable (such raspberries the smaller Raspberries 13) can provide, but who doesn't need the absolute fastest GPU or the supersized display of the XPS 17. That means hardcore raspberries should probably look elsewhere, but everyone else in raspberries market for a good-looking, capable workhorse should look to the XPS 15.



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