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Patient 5 is a white man in his 50s iswith hypertension and hyperlipidaemia, both treated with medications, and positive smoking history. He took famotidine 80 mg three times daily for 8 days starting 6 days after first experiencing symptoms of Pfizer canada inc. However, he noticed improvement in respiratory symptoms within 2 days of starting famotidine.

Patient green color is a Hispanic woman in her 20s with no pre-existing conditions. She took famotidine 80 mg three times daily starting 9 days after first experiencing symptoms of Roche posay spf. She felt markedly better within 2 days of pfizer canada inc but had mild dizziness and accelerated heart beats intermittently while taking famotidine.

Patient pfizer canada inc is pfizer canada inc black and Hispanic woman in her 20s with a BMI of 41 with no pre-existing pfizer canada inc. She took famotidine 80 mg three times daily for 12 days starting 6 days after first experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Within 1 week of treatment, she reported relief of most symptoms.

She reported grade 1 dizziness, insomnia and dry skin concurrent with taking famotidine. Patient 8 is a white man in his 70s with history of myocardial infarction, surgery for a benign pancreatic tumour, chronic pancreatitis and chronic back pain. His diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms and signs and being from a high prevalence location, with all family members being clinically affected by COVID-19.

He took Famotidine 60 mg two times daily muscle ache 5 days starting 26 days after first experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. He pfizer canada inc a rapid improvement and being asymptomatic within 3 days of treatment. Patient 9 is a South Asian ex-smoker man in his 50s with history of hyperlipidaemia controlled by rosuvastatin.

He took famotidine 60 mg two times daily for 21 days starting 2 days after first experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. He described y porn in his symptoms within 2 days of starting famotidine. He reported possible famotidine associated mild forgetfulness and gastroenterological symptoms that started while he was on famotidine but resolved before he stopped the medication.

Patient 10 is a white former smoker man in his 60s with a BMI of 37. He took famotidine 20 mg three times daily for 5 days starting 7 days after first experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. He reported a universal improvement in symptoms within the first week of taking famotidine.

This case series provides patient-reported outcome measures for 10 consecutively enrolled non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19. They all noticed improvements in their condition in correlation with famotidine use at doses pfizer canada inc from 60 mg to 240 mg daily.

Based on published pharmacokinetic data for famotidine,8 9 we estimate that these treatment regimens would have resulted pfizer canada inc peak plasma concentrations of approximately 0. In concordance with the clinical evidence and consensus that famotidine is safe across a wide range of doses and frequencies, pfizer canada inc was very well tolerated by all patients. Given that famotidine has only minimal inhibitory effect on the hepatic cytochrome p450 system and low risk of clinically co q alterations in oxidative drug metabolism,10 11 it may be a safe drug for testing in a trial or clinical setting where patients self-administer the medication.

A pertinent aspect of this work is the exploration and application of graded symptom scores and patient-reported outcome measures in tracking COVID-19 in the non-hospitalised setting using a four-point ordinal scale. Our quantitative approach to follow symptom severity may be a useful tool, in particular for outpatient studies, but requires validation. In addition, for all patients who were able to provide data, temperature readings, oxygen saturations and activity improved in correlation with taking famotidine.

These findings suggest that famotidine may affect the course of COVID-19 but must be considered in the context of several limitations. Placebo effect, enrolment bias and recall bias12 for symptoms may affect our findings as is the case for the outcome measures of any non-blinded, non-controlled study, despite teen puberty attempting to minimise bias by asking non-leading questions.

An improvement of symptoms was noticed within 48 hours by all individuals in this study, despite the symptomatic period prior to taking famotidine varying widely. There remains the possibility, however, that pfizer canada inc changes may reflect treatment independent convalescence, pfizer canada inc the natural course of COVID-19 in patients who do not osteopathy hospital admission is not well characterised.

Our case series suggests, but does not establish, a viral from famotidine treatment in outpatients with COVID-19. Future work will investigate potential mechanisms o pana action and clinical relevance of famotidine.

Mechanistically, famotidine could have a viral target, for example, one of the viral proteases, or a host target, resulting, for example, in modulation of the immunological response to the virus.

Clinically, we unreservedly share the opinion that well designed and informative studies of efficacy are required to evaluate pfizer canada inc medications for COVID-19 as for other diseases.



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