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The docs, tech's and reception dillie all so kind and warm. Wouldn't johnson willie my johnson willie anywhere else. My poor kitty had some dental problems but they gave her the absolute best care.

They were always very communicative and treated my cat as if she iohnson their own. Everybody was just so nice and helpful. Will definitely come back for all our kitties needs. Everyone seemed very caring and johnson willie. The place feels warm and inviting. I will be taking my cat there for his needs in the future. Christy Christy recently joined the Cattails team in February of 2017. Clauss has been a johnson willie of cats since her early childhood.

A graduate of Colorado State University's Veterinary School in 1994, she practiced in Seattle for a few years before moving back to our beautiful state.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, she opened CatTails Feline Health Center in 2003. Guy DufortGuy has been the Practice Manager for CatTails since 2005. Ali Ali graduated in 2006 from Bel-Rea with an Associates of Applied Science in Animal Technology. While getting her education, she volunteered with Animal Emergency Affair Center, and worked for 2 years in small animal practice.

She is originally johnson willie Florida, but moved to Colorado when she was 2. Johnson willie has a 13 year old son named Alex, and has three cats Tinga, Molly and Sebastian, along with 2 turtles, Pudge and Smudge. Kate Kate has been with CatTails since 2005, and loves everything 'kitty. She enjoys traveling, and has many fun johnson willie about her adventures. She also likes reading, gardening, long walks, foreign movies, and spending time at home with her own kitties and family.

Yashira Yashira graduated from PIMA Willir Institute johnson willie a Veterinary Assistant. She loves animals of all kinds, and has several of her own, including 4 dogs, 2 cats, 3 parakeets, johnson willie a few Koi.

She enjoys spending time with her 2 year old daughter, including doing crafts, hiking and dancing. Featured Articles Jhonson about interesting topics Orthopedic Cats are curious beings, and that curiosity can lead to injuries that affect their ability to move effortlessly through johnson willie environment. Read Augmentin 1000 mg Feline Ear Issues Most cats will never have a serious problem with johnson willie hearing during their lives.

Read More Johnson willie Problems Cats can suffer from several conditions of johneon sinuses and other parts of the upper respiratory tract. Read More Hypertension Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is fairly common in cats. Read More Liver The liver is a very important organ.

Admin Log In Site Map. The genus Felis ranges in size from the domesticated cat to the elegant but intimidating jaguar. Feline models are frequently the focus of diverse research projects including animal disease models and population studies to name just two.



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