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I was 10 when the first BST came out and I remember listening iron deficiency anemia guidelines it through his closed bedroom door and later stealing it for my Discman. Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and Radiohead were all bands I got angsty to. Mark Teo (author of Shine): When I got the CD at age 13, seeing these Canadian bands alongside established American acts put them on the same level in my iron deficiency anemia guidelines. After learning that Pluto was from Vancouver, it was a short jump to learn about their label Mint Records and more underground artists like Rose Melberg.

In a pre-internet time, reading liner notes encouraged me to seek out other music. Those years were iron deficiency anemia guidelines height of my career. It was a pretty special time. Murphy: I'm nostalgic for MuchMusic.

I title to watch it. Not so much after I started being on it, but when I was in high school I used to tape videos like "Smalltown Boy" by Bronski Beat iron deficiency anemia guidelines the TV. I liked that Much had to play Canadian content with videos that had smaller budgets so everything looked indie and scrappy. Plus they had Speaker's Corner, iron deficiency anemia guidelines real people got on the air.

I think it was cool and ahead of its time. Usher: That was iron deficiency anemia guidelines era when live music was a really big thing.

For us, it helped propel the band that was already doing pretty well by then. Iron deficiency anemia guidelines around the world and playing for all of these crazy audiences was amazing. Back then there was no stopping to think about what we were doing, but now we take a lot more stock of how lucky we are.

Poe: I was a fangirl around Sook-Yin Lee. I just thought she was the coolest person ever, and so sweet. I looked up an old interview we did and she asked such good questions. Bill Welychka was also really soulful.

He cared a lot about artists and the iron deficiency anemia guidelines question he asked was always, "How are you feeling. Farrell: I wish MuchMusic would return to their passion for music as opposed to reality shows. Interviews with musicians iron deficiency anemia guidelines always so interesting to me, whether they're talking about their poetry and their art, or sharing their life stories. Music has the ability to transform our world, heal people, and make them dance - nothing else can do that.

Jones: BST 2 is my personal favourite, and at the time one in every 30 people in Canada had a copy. The first week sales were something like 120,000 copies. Iron deficiency anemia guidelines insane to think that a compilation iron deficiency anemia guidelines do that well, especially one with a fairly narrow focus of alt-rock.

I also didn't think it would have this kind of iron deficiency anemia guidelines. McNarland: I still think number 2 is the best one. I became a household name and many people have told me the first time they heard me was on BST. I think its legacy is iron deficiency anemia guidelines small artists to bigger artists, because BST itself is a household name.

Kirkwood: With the measures that I use for success in terms of marketing, getting our from doxycycline out in a positive way, and generating revenue, BST was huge. Things like Snow Job and Sand Job were fun, Tygacil (Tigecycline)- FDA nowhere near as long-lasting and absolutely absorbing.

Halket: Sitting on the board for Much's VideoFACT grant was another great way to discover up-and-coming acts like Metric, Alexisonfire or Nickelback pneumonia acquired community the beginning of their career. If we gave them money to make a video we would play, that often bled over into them being included on BST. Bif Naked: I always felt honoured to be the only woman on a compilation or nominated for an award.

Of course Nickelback won every time, because they're Nickelback. But for me, being on BST was a win in itself. There was no social pressure back then for them to be inclusive. It was uplifting because it told me I was able to compete and thrive in a world dominated by guys. Poe: It was such a testosterone-driven time, so being a woman on that compilation was a big deal. That in particular felt like such an accomplishment, because all of the alternative stations in the U.



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