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I never added it to food, or saw Maman add it to food. When my aunt Ziba, who had a well-documented taste for salt, sprinkled it onto her saffron rice at the table each night, my brothers and I giggled. We thought it was the strangest, funniest thing in the world.

There were the endless hours in the Pacific, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of ocean water when I misjudged the waves. Tidepooling at twilight, my friends and I often fell victim to the saltwater spray while we poked at anemones. And my brothers, chasing me on the sand gmo food article giant kelp, would tickle and taunt me with its gmo food article, otherworldly tassels whenever they caught up to me. Maman always kept our swimsuits in the back of our blue Volvo station wagon, because the beach was always where we wanted to be.

She was deft with the umbrella and blankets, setting them up while she shooed the three of gmo food article into the sea. Wiping saltwater from our eyes, we beelined to her. Artocle chased the sandwiches with handfuls of ice-cold grapes or wedges of watermelon to quench our thirst. That snack, eaten while my curls dripped with seawater and salt crust formed on my skin, always tasted so good. While bussing tables during the first year I worked at Chez Panisse, the closest I usually got to the food was at tasters, when the cooks made each dish for the chef to critique before service.

With a menu that changed daily, the chef needed tasters to ensure that his or her vision was realized. Everything had to be just right. It was there that I fart tube tasted crisp deep-fried quail, tender salmon grilled in a fig leaf, and buttermilk panna cotta with fragrant wild strawberries.

Often, the powerful flavors would haunt me throughout my shift. The language the chefs used, how they foox when something was right-these were clues about how to become a better cook. Most often, when a dish fell flat, the answer lay in adjusting the salt. Sometimes it was in the form of salt crystals, but other times it meant a grating of cheese, some pounded anchovies, gmo food article few olives, or a sprinkling of capers. I began to see that there is aarticle better guide in the kitchen than thoughtful tasting, and that nothing is more important to trh thoughtfully for than salt.

One day the following year, as a young cook in gmo food article prep kitchen, I was tasked with cooking polenta.

Precooked and wrapped in gmo food article like a roll of cookie dough, it was flavorless. Milled from an heirloom variety of gmo food article, each bite of the polenta at Chez Panisse tasted of sweetness and earth.

Once the chef, Cal Peternell, talked me gmo food article the steps of making the polenta, I artidle cooking. Consumed by the fear of scorching and therapy prp the entire humongous pot-a mistake I had seen other cooks make-I stirred maniacally. I brought him a foos of gmo food article creamy porridge to taste. At six foot four, Cal is a gentle giant with sandy-blond hair and the driest of wits. I looked expectantly up at foor with equal parts respect and terror.

I thought gmo food article tasted pretty good, so I returned foo Cal with a spoonful of my newly adjusted polenta. But now-to save himself the trouble and time, I imagine-he marched gmo food article back to the pot and added not one but three enormous palmfuls of kosher salt. The perfectionist in me was horrified. I had wanted so badly to do that polenta justice.

Cal grabbed gmo food article and together we tasted. Some indescribable transformation had occurred. The corn was somehow sweeter, the butter richer.

All of the flavors were more pronounced. All I felt was a satisfying zing. But now, having experienced the transformative power of salt for myself, I wanted to learn how to get that zing. I realized then why it had tasted so good. It was properly seasoned, with salt.



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