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Controls whether the item is active or archived in your catalog. Only active items can be seen by people. Supported values: active, archived. Items are active by default. Learn more about archiving items. Note: Some partner platforms may sync items to your catalog with a status called "staging", which behaves the same as "archived".

URLs for up to 20 additional images of your item, each separated by a comma. Describe the color in words, not a hex code. The gender your item is targeted towards. Supported values: female, male, unisex. The size of the item.

Enter the size as a word, abbreviation or number, such as small, XL or 12. The age group that the item is targeted towards. Supported values: adult, all ages, teen, kids, toddler, infant, newborn. The material the item is made from, such as cotton, Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA, denim or leather.

Up to five custom fields Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA any Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA information you want to filter items by when you create sets.

For example, you could use a custom field to indicate all Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA that are part of a summer sale, and then filter those items otosporin a set. These are just some of the optional fields available. See the full list of optional fields (Facebook for Developers). If you're a travel, automotive or real estate advertiser, check the fields to include in your data feed on the Facebook for Developers website:You can create a CSV with most spreadsheet programs, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Enter fields as column names in the top row. In the rows below, enter item information. Note: If you create your CSV in a text editor or use a custom engineering solution to generate the CSV, you must enclose any fields containing commas or white space in "double quotes" Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA avoid formatting errors.

To use double quotes inside a double quoted field, use consecutive double quotes. For example, "This item, designed in 2020, meets ""XYZ"" standards". If you're using Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets, you don't need to do this.

You can create a TSV with most spreadsheet programs, such Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA Excel or Google Sheets. A more technical data feed solution, used with coding programs like ATOM or basic text editors.

Typically generated by automated feed provider systems or web servers. Use a series of tags Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA enclose each item. Your file must begin with a valid Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA tag. Format your XML into multiple lines with one field per line. Each line has a size limit of 5 MB. Learn more about managing scheduled feed uploads.

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Select a link to skip to the relevant section:Required fields for productsRequired fields for productsEach field in your data feed represents information about your products. The following fields are required for each product in your catalog:FieldDescriptionidA unique content ID for the item.

Example: 12345titleA specific, relevant title for the item. Example: Blue Cotton T-ShirtdescriptionA short, relevant description of the item. Boceprevir Capsules (Victrelis)- FDA Royal blue women's T-shirt in organic cotton. Example: in stockconditionThe condition of the item. Example: newpriceThe taking medicine of the item.



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